Rechargeable Long Standby Tracker AT15

Model No: AT15

ThinkRace Technology is the largest luggage tracker manufacturer presents a smart pocket-size luggage tracker AT15 for clients/partners. The device is suitable for all kind of luggage such as a briefcase, suitcase, backpack etc. Trace missing baggage get real-time location and location history of luggage with AT15. Find your luggage by keeping our integrated mobile app available for both iOS & Android or through our web tracking platform.

Rechargeable Long Standby Tracker AT15


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    GPS/LBS/AGPS/Wi-Fi multi-mode positioning

    Our luggage tracker technology uses multi-mode positioning to provide an accurate location.

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    Real-time location management

    You can easily manage your location on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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    Automatic fault recovery

    Automatic fault recovery resolves all sort of bug and issues without any manual involvement.

logistics tracking system
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    Automatic remote upgrade

    With an automatic update, our partners need not to go through tough manual updating.

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    Ultra-long standby

    Ultra-long standby battery ensures sufficient power for your tracking device.

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Frequency band


Storage Temp

-40℃ ~ +85℃

Operating Temp

-20℃ ~ +70℃

Operating Humidity

20% ~ 80% RH

Operating Current


Standby Current


Main chip



Class 12, T CP/IP

GPS Sensitivity


TTFF(Open Sky)

Cold start:<35s, Hot start:<3s

AGPS(Open Sky)







600mAh/12000mAh 3.7V

GPS device in luggage

Product Features

Quick positioning

With quick positioning, find your luggage in real-time.

3D G-sensor

Get accurate location, even if the missing luggage tracker is placed deep inside.


Create a safe zone for your luggage and get alert message when they enter and leave the area.

A-GPS positioning

With A-GPS positioning get the live location of your luggage.

Overspeed alarm

Remote configuration

Supports remote configuration, no more manual process required.

ThinkRace Technology is the leading luggage tracker wholesaler that brings a platform to trace missing baggage. We provide luggage tracker OEM/ODM/JDM services to our clients/partners. With the help of AT15, luggage tracking has been easy. Equipped with GPS technology provides you the real-time location of your luggage. Track all day long with its ultra-long standby battery.

A travel mate to make your journey more enjoyable!

Locate luggage with real time tracking device. Access your bag location from anywhere, anytime.

Our customize app & application service let you track your luggage directly from our mobile app.

Track your luggage with long-lasting battery

With ultra-long standby battery track your baggage all day long.
With our GPS luggage tracking device secure your belongings
and have a stress-free journey.

To get further information about Long Standby Tracker AT15 dealership & partnership policies and for placing a bulk order, simply contact us!