GPS smart luggage tracker is what Luggage Companies are turning their heads towards!



Many luggage tracking systems at the moment are merely isolated mobile smartphone applications tied into a proprietary third-party web application using such things as Bluetooth baggage system! The challenge that the client is facing and ThinkRace is providing is bringing together and integrating disparate and isolated applications and systems into a single solution to better handle smart baggage tracking.


The find your luggage system is aimed at tumbling the instances of delayed, damaged and lost bags leading to lower economic risk exposure to the airlines; mounting the ability to track and report on baggage counting location and weight changes to thwart theft and loss; and perk up customer satisfaction through better communication including offering novel value-added services to recurrent flyers.


The Smart luggage tracker by ThinkRace Technology focuses on to bring together fragmented applications and systems to drive solutions to make the luggage industries more efficient during baggage handling for the benefit of passengers. The solution comprises of cloud-based airline applications and databases, cloud based analytics, and IoT platform to connect, manage and secure real-time data and events from smart luggage.

Equipped with features like pre-loaded Global SIM, light-weight and sleek, this smart luggage tracker is ideal for diverse kind of luggage.


The GPS tracking solution help baggage handling and will help to improve the visibility to the baggage related needs end-to-end.

Today about 6-7 bags are lost for every 1000 per statistics from SITA survey and Department of Transportation (DoT). With global baggage travel targeted to double in next 20 years, any such efficiency added to the baggage handling system will have a giant economic impact.

The target is to get better the passenger experience as they travel the world and reduce their total travel time. This, in turn,  will look up the baggage-passenger relationship. The smart luggage will also augment the operational efficiency and will allow passengers to travel with peace of mind and thus help to reduce lost productivity.

ThinkRace Technology

Established in The year 2006 with a sole aim of designing and manufacturing quality products such as GPS trackers, GPS watches, Car GPS Tracker and luggage tracker. The main focus of the Company is providing innovative security and fitness monitoring devices using wireless communications technologies.

Our founders were from elite telecommunication Companies like Huawei, Lenovo, CoolPad etc. The positive result and feedback from both our distributors and end-users is the root of our incessant growth in developing software for safety tracking and communication products. We provide comprehensive GPS tracking ODM/OEM/JDM services to our clients.

We are building an ecosystem for our products, such as fleet management system, family safety system for protecting kids, elders, and pets. Our team is delivering ultra-reliable safety tracking services in the form of 8,000,000 devices in a high scale system by working with Amazon AWS cloud platform.

  • Provide a Cloud-based ecosystem to provide connectivity to assets like bags and passenger and airport/airline equipment.
  • Provide end-to-end visibility of bags, as it is checked-in, dropped and travels via the baggage carousel, bag trolley, aircraft, connecting airport to the destination bag-pickup.
  • Enable airlines to provide near-real-time view of their bag status to the customers.